The year is 4878 DA, and the Realm of Brass and Shadow is in dire straits. The seemingly endless cycle of labor and prayer is breaking down under pandemic shortages. Sources of the magical materials are increas- ingly scarce and inadequate to the needs of the Eight Nations. The flow of Essence and nutrients to the cities is beginning to slacken. The blight zones that infect the Great Maker’s body rot, fester and grow ever closer to the cities. Gremlins are more common—and bolder. Worst of all, the Radiant Amphora is running dry. Increasing numbers of Autochthonian infants are stillborn for lack of souls to animate them. Each of the Eight Nations is aware of these growing problems, but they all strive to conceal the extent to which they suffer, lest they invite raiders to take what little remains. Each nation concocts desperate plans to meet and overcome the crisis. Each now looks to its Exalted for ultimate salvation. And the Alchemicals stand ready. This is a time for heroes.

Children of the Machine

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