Children of the Machine

Session 1

In Which Our Heroes Awaken

Session 1
In this meeting, Loran fell under attack from the forces of the Void. While the military did its best to hold the line at a breached Environmental dock, the Metropolis’ greatest champion, Angie Darkmore, fell back for an emergency action. She entered the new Vats complex to awaken Loran’s newest champions, our Assembly of Alchemicals.
After awakening from their activation, the party introduced themselves to Angie Darkmore, the champion.
They were Brilliant Axis of Innovation, an Orichalcum-caste engineer. Her initial actions out of the vats focused mostly on admiring the impressive construction of the facility, but when news of the attack met her, she sprang into action immediately.
Vigilant Graceful Blade, the Moonsilver-caste, was more focused on the situation, saying little but expressing wonder at her home.
Eternal Coruscant Forge, the massive Jade-caste, was similarly quiet. Upon inferring that something was wrong, she was first to suggest that the Assembly take action.
The Black Iron Arbiter, the sole male Alchemical of the Assembly, possessed a similar drive, wanting to drive out the Gremlins as soon as he heard of the threat.
The soft-spoken Compassionate Hands of Runel still stepped up, wanting nothing more than to protect the people of Loran.
Satisfied by their heroic will, Angie led them through the Vats complex, down towards the more hidden reaches of Loran, until the heroes found their equipment and artifacts in a surprising location. Within proximity of the very core of the Metropolis, the Assembly geared up before taking a tram to the warzone.
Upon arrival, it was quickly decided that the first priority would be to push the forces of the Void back and seal them out. A quick plan was formed, with Arbiter holding the back line and using his impressive Godcannon to make precision kills against the gremlins. Runel and Grace would engage in melee, providing a distracting presence.
Meanwhile, Forge would use the shield projection of her impressive set of Power Armor to help hedge in the forces of the Void, while Axis would go and rally the engineers. Once the Gremlins were pushed out, the engineers would come up with an impromptu method of sealing the breach, allowing Loran some time to recover and focus her efforts in other sectors.
Thus our first adventure ended with our Assembly charging into the thick of battle, accompanied by the ecstatic cheer of Loran’s Populat.
(OoC: The party all received 3 XP for the session. Kyman201 received a bonus XP for writing the Adventure Log. For handling her first Exalted game ever well, Unicorna was also given a bonus point of experience)



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