Children of the Machine

Session 2

The Battle Is Joined

The Assembly sprung into action as the gremlins reacted to their presence. Cori drew much of the attention as her armored form proved to be more than most Gremlins could stand up to, smashing many of the frenzied creatures into pulp. Grace and Rune supported her, deftly dodging what gremlins engaged them and rendered the gremlins into gracefully segmented parts. From afar, Arbiter supported the Assembly, devastating what few Gremlins his fellows and Angie missed.

Meanwhile, Axi had finally rallied the Loranese military in the area, leading them in to support the Assembly in defense of their home, smashing through the stunned Gremlins and getting herself and the engineering corps time enough to get close to the breach and slam it shut, welding it closed and preventing the gremlins from penetrating further.

Ky, Ops, V, and Selene received 3xp, while Storm and Uni received 2xp due to tardiness. Special note was made of wanting to start next week’s game promptly at 8PM EST.



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