Children of the Machine

Session 3

The View From Outside

Immediately after the damaged hatch is sealed, a distant explosion interrupted repair efforts and Loran prompted the Assembly to hurry to a parking garage where she has stashed a number of Tunnel Bikes, so that they could head outside into the oil sea to clear the infestation of gremlinized oil squid that were clogging and attempting to damage her propulsion charms.

Runel was concerned that the Assembly’s departure would put the work crew at risk, but Forge pointed out that leaving Loran immobilized threatened the entire city, and Axis told her that a large portion of the defense force was already there to protect them so they should be safe anyway.

When the group reached the parking garage, Angie attempted to open the door but found it too heavy to budge until Forge and Grace assisted her. Inside, she instructed the Alchemicals in the basic operation of the Tunnel Bikes and guided them through the airlock to Loran’s impellers, ignoring _Axis_’s deep enthusiasm for details on the artifacts of a type she had never seen before.

Outside, the assembly found themselves ‘flying’ through a major battle as Loran’s defending avatars fought off a swarm of gremlins large and small, but, conscious of their own relative lack of power, they stayed out of the way until they could reach the horde of weak attackers being used to block Loran’s mobility.

When attacking the squid, Angie and Grace favored strafing runs, Axis deployed her weapons pack to increase the amount of fire she could pour into the mass, and Forge combined her bike’s mounted essence cannon and her armor’s forcefield generators to create a powerful concussive blast that also inflicted cosmetic damage on the charm she had intended to defend. Runel chose to harry the edges of the squid school, picking of stragglers and would-be escapees, and none of the others were able to keep track of Arbiter.

When the squid had been cleared, Loran ordered the Assembly to break for the fleet drydock to avoid being left behind, and they were able to make it safely in time. With the battle over, Angie went to bed and the rest of the Assembly went to assist in the city’s recovery efforts, with Runel offering her services to the hospital and Forge assisting the teams that were clearing away damaged panels of Loran’s external plating while Axis lent her aid to the follow-up crew placing new panels and Grace, lacking repair skills, moved the materials both groups needed.



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