Children of the Machine

Session 4

Conceptual Healing

After finishing their assigned repair work, the Assembly was ordered to report to the Loran Tripartate for an introductory interview. All of them introduced themselves to their superiors, and were advised that their next assignment would be accompanying the scouting expedition that would determine the next location where the Metropolis would settle.

After the interview, the Alchemicals went to their shared apartment suite to change into casual clothes, do maintenance on their equipment, and rest. The sight of the attractive Exalts ‘dressed down’ convinced the Glasswalker, Angie, that she should visit a brothel before departing, to take the edge off of the inevitable frustration.

Her phrasing it as ‘needing an outlet’ for her frustrations was misinterpreted by Axis, leading to the rest of the party spending the rest of the conversation trying to explain the concept of recreation sexuality to the Orichalcum Caste, along with the idea of homosexuality. The scene ended once the latter idea finally processed.



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