Invincible Jade Sentinel Armor

Autocthonian Celestial Battle Armor (Jade)


Artifact: 5
Soak: 15L/15B
Harness: 10L/10B
Mobility: -0
Fatigue: 0
Attune: 10m and a level-3 core to power the armor’s various enchantments. This core provides no other benefit.

~The armor has three core sockets, and the wearer can select which one is rendered inactive by powering the armor as a diceless miscellaneous action.

~Jade shelters its bearer with the strength of the five elements. In addition to having no fatigue, jade armor subtracts two points from the Damage of any environmental hazard its wearer suffers.

Sensory Augmentation Visor: As a reflexive action, the wearer gains a +2 bonus to Awareness. Alternatively, the wearer can reflexively activate Essence sight (see p. 85 WotLA) for three motes per scene, which also automatically pierces any Optical Shroud devices. In addition, the lenses that provide Essence sight for this armor are coated with thin films made from a mixture of orichalcum, starmetal and soulsteel. As a result, when the character activates the armor’s Essence sight, she can also see unmanifested spirits, ghosts, living beings and enchanted objects (including walking dead and automatons) as glowing presences. In addition, the wearer can see the Essence-flows of the machine god’s body at the range of her normal vision.

Exomuscular Fibers: +2 dots to Strength for feats of strength, calculating jump distance and inflicting damage with attacks.

Peripatetic Greaves: Doubled movement rate; 10mph marching movement rate.

Reinforced Gauntlets/Boots: As weapons, the gauntlets and boots can parry lethal attacks without a stunt (as an exception to the standard “N” tag), and have the following respective statistics:
Name Speed Acc Damage Def. Rate Tags
Gauntlet 5 +1 +5B +2 3 N
Boot 5 +0 +6B -2 2 N

Enhanced Durability: The armor gains another 3L/3B
soak and +2L/2B hardness.(This has been included in the stats above)

Essence Shield: By spending four motes of Essence, the wearer can create a shield of solidified Essence that increases the wearer’s DV by two against both melee and ranged attacks. This shield lasts for one scene.

Enhanced Healing: The energies of this armor are focused on repairing the wearer’s flesh. While wearing this armor, the owner heals one level of bashing damage every tick and one level of lethal damage every hour.

Energy Shield Bracers: The wearer can bring the arms together and forcefully present both palms, spending one Willpower (or three motes) as a miscellaneous action to create a larger, unmoving energy barrier. This wall may be up to 10 square feet large and appears within a yard of the wearer. It has soak 12L/18B and thirty health levels and is considered an inanimate object for the purposes of taking damage (but not for the purposes of Charms). If the wall is destroyed, it fades away, though the wearer may create a new one. Otherwise, the barrier lasts as long as the wearer stands in place and holds her hands up to project it, and only one wall can be created at a time by a single suit of armor. If barriers created by multiple armors intersect, they join seamlessly (but not airtight) and can form larger walls or even cages in this manner.

Essence Map Navigation: Autothon is a confusing place, but those who have this power have little to fear when navigating these shifting tunnels. The exalt raises his palm to the sky and creates a real time holographic map of the area around her, hovering above her palm. By spend three motes of Essence she adds four dice to all Survival rolls involving navigation for the next scene

ST Notes: This is a massive piece of armor. I expect you to RP extreme difficulty when navigating tight spaces and I may make situations where the armor ether gets her stuck or it’s clearly impossible for her to attempt to fit through a space. There will be athletics rolls. xD


In the history of Autocthonia’s Octet, only a few hundred suits of heavy powered battle armor have ever been created, nearly half of them by Estasia. Hundreds of years after the first untyped ‘Assault Armor’ took the field, a single innovative mortal technician created a way of integrating more advanced abilities and massive amounts of individual magical materials into the nearly standardized underlying frame.

Few states had access to the raw materials to create the upgrade shells, and fewer were willing to commit them in any but the direst military extremes, so at any given point it is likely that only one or two are so upgraded.

The core frame that Loran brought with her into exile was placed in storage against future need as the elder Exalt entered her final metamorphosis, having previously seen action in ‘Inescapable Moonsilver Vanguard’ configuration in Yugash’s service, as a ‘Manifold Orichalcum Engineer’ in Estasia’s, and originally, many centuries ago, as an ‘Efficacious Starmetal Adept’ in Jarish. Of Autocthonia’s several hundred core suits, the one that Loran brought into exile has the distinction of being the one most often upgraded into full war configuration. It has been worn by dozens of exalts and slain dozens more, loyal and Apostate alike, along with thousands of gremlins of every size, description, and power level.

Although never yet assigned its own distinguishing name, the Assault Armor of Loran is one of the few artifacts and constants of which most Blightspawn, Apostates, and Gremlins will recognize of old.

Invincible Jade Sentinel Armor

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