Tunnel Bike

What's a Motorcycle?


Artifact 4

This is one of the fastest personal transports available in Autochthonia, this craft is a sleek conical design shaped much like a normal shaft speeder, but without the blunt wings. Instead of the normal cockpit it has a swept back reinforced glass windshield behind which the pilot practically lays down on his vehicle. It is also much smaller than a normal shaft speeder.

These Speeders are propelled by powerful Essence engines that open on the aft of the vehicle and possess Essence panels on the underside that allow it to hover over solid surfaces. While powered, the engines emit a pulsing basso rumble and the Essence panels beneath the craft create a field of heavy visual distortion like heat waves. The Essence propulsion systems cause 8L damage to beings that stand within five yards of the rear of the vehicle and can ignite flammable objects.

In addition to it’s other essence propulsion devices the Speeder sports two shield-like guidance panels situated just outside the pilot’s waist on ether side of the vehicle. The panels are equipped with force projectors that keep the transport from slamming into the tunnels of the Machine God. The lift, guidance and propulsion systems glow with a soft blue light. Along the underside, four spindly landing struts on each side retract against the hull during operation.

On the front of the vehicle two very small essence cannons are mounted in a fixed forward facing position. They can be aimed using (dexterity + archery or ride), using Maneuverability as an accuracy score. A secondary essence capacitor has been fitted to the vehicles in order to negate the cost of these weapons.

The Speeders fielded by Loran’s alchemicals can also enter the pole of Oil without setting the oil itself on fire, thanks to red jade baffles fixated to the engine’s exhaust port. It’s speed is reduced by 10/20 by the increased drag of the oil and reduced thrust by the baffles when it enters the pole of oil. The windshield also expands and grows to cover the entire pilot, giving the pilot 3 hours of air. They also poses a com system integrated into Loran’s systems. They must stay within the general vicinity of the city for this to continue working.

Additional properties of a Personal Speeder depend on the magical material used in its construction:
Orichalcum: These models are faster, with a Speed of 55/110mph.
Moonsilver: These models are more nimble and responsive, with Maneuverability 7.
Starmetal: These models weave and dip across the skeins of fate as well as air, adding two to the Dodge DV of craft and pilot beyond normal.
Jade: Built exclusively of blue jade, these models have small integrated cannons that fire lightning pulses from a pivoting spur mounted on the underside. Each blast costs the pilot three motes and has the following statistics: Speed 6, Accuracy (pilot’s Ride) + (Dexterity + Archery), Damage (10L or 15B) piercing, Range 100, Rate 1. Variant models have an integrated elemental lens instead.
Soulsteel: At will, the pilot can extend jagged blades like bat wings from each side of the craft. The pilot attacks by “ramming” opponents with these blades as a Speed 5, Rate 2 attack. The craft takes no damage from this ramming, but the target suffers 10L + attack successes. Opponents killed by these blades are typically beheaded or cut in half.
Adamant: These models have an optical shroud that can be activated reflexively by an essence user. While active the Speeder is reduced to half it’s original speed in order to maintain the cloak.

Speed: 40/80mph
Maneuverability: +4R (Lore 1, Ride 3)
Endurance: Requires the pilot to attune the vessel’s Essence engine for a commitment of 10 motes, or use an Essence capacitor or elemental core and a commitment of one mote to activate the bike.
Crew: 1/1
Cargo: Pilot’s personal possessions only. Particularly heavy loads, such as a pilot carrying a second person in her arms, halve Speed and apply a -3 Maneuverability penalty.
Armor: 10L/15B
Health Levels: Ux4/Mx6/Cx3/Ix2/D
Weapons: Two fixed ; jade and soulsteel models have weapons as noted.
Other Notes: A Speeder and its pilot both have a Dodge DV equal to ([the pilot’s Dexterity + Ride + Essence + craft’s Maneuverability] ÷ 2), and the pilot may use her Parry DV to defend against attacks launched at her vehicle or herself while the canopy is down.


Tunnel Bike

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