Ultra Light Commando Armor


Artifact: 3
Repair: 2
Soak: +9L/8B
Hardness: 5L/4B
Mobility: -0
Fatigue: 0
Attune: 5m and a level-2 core to power the armor’s various enchantments. This core provides no other benefits.

Core-Sockets: 2
If a wearer plugs multiple level-2+ elemental cores into the suit, she can shift which stone powers the suit as a diceless miscellaneous action.

M.A. Compatible: Due to this armor’s super light design it’s compatible with supernatural martial arts.

Sensory Augmentation Visor: +2 bonus to Awareness; negates all penalties from darkness less than pitch black.

Adaptive Camouflage Subsystem: +4 bonus to Stealth.

Exomuscular Fibers: Doubles wearer’s ground speed; +2 bonus to Strength for feats of strength, jumping and inflicting damage with attacks.

Vitality-Boosting Subsystems: Wearer regenerates either one level of bashing damage with every action taken during combat or all bashing levels per minute outside combat.

Resiliency Augmentation: +2 bonus to Resistance.

Reinforced Gauntlets/Boots: As weapons, the gauntlets and boots can parry lethal attacks without a stunt (as an exception to the standard N tag), and they have the following respective statistics:
Name Speed Acc. Damage Defense Rate Tags
Gauntlet 5 +1 +5B +2 3 N
Boot 5 +0 +6B -2 2 N

Upkeep: Maintenance required every 100 hours of use; every 30 missed hours randomly disables one of the powers.


This armor consists of a set of grieves, bracers, pauldrons and a chest piece. These pieces of armor are sleek and beautiful. The armor almost seems to melt into the wearer’s skin. When attuned, the armor sizes to fit the wearer and activates the essence shield that protects the areas of the armor that the pieces do not cover. The armor glows faintly when struck. A synthetic leather body suit is normally worn underneath this armor but it is not necessary for it’s function.


Ultra Light Commando Armor

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